Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal in Clearwater, FL

birthmark removal

Our dermatologist in Clearwater, FL , provides laser treatment for birthmark removal in Clearwater, FL , Sarasota, FL, and Palm Harbor, FL.

A rather significant amount of babies are born with a birthmark. I’m sure if you were to ask people you know, most of them would say that they have a birthmark. There are two different kinds of birthmarks: vascular and pigmented. A vascular birthmark is due to an irregularity within the blood vessels that leads to a purple or red spot (e.g. port wine stain). A pigmented birthmark, on the other hand, is due to an increased production of melanin, which affects the color of the skin and leads to brown spots.

While many people will go through life with a birthmark and never really be bothered by its appearance, there are some birthmarks, particularly vascular ones, that are in awkward or rather distinct areas and can make people feel rather self-conscious. There are even some birthmarks that could be more likely to increase someone’s risk of certain health conditions like melanoma. Fortunately, our Clearwater, FL, board-certified dermatologist is here to offer the very best in birthmark removal.

Those whose birthmarks affect their appearance or self-esteem could benefit from our birthmark treatment. Both children and adults can also safely receive laser treatment to get rid of a birthmark. Depending on the kind and severity of the birthmark, you will most likely require multiple treatment sessions in order to fully remove the birthmark.

During the process, which usually doesn’t require anesthesia, a small handheld device is directed over the birthmark. The pulse-dye laser radiates a special light energy, which the blood vessels will absorb but the surrounding skin will not. As a result, the blood vessels that cause vascular birthmarks will be destroyed without affecting healthy skin.

Once the laser treatment is over you may notice some small dots around the region. These dots will go away as your body begins to heal. You will also notice the birthmark beginning to fade within four to 10 weeks, when the body reabsorbs the destroyed blood vessels.

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