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Spider Veins in Clearwater, FL

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If you are noticing more and more twisted purple and blue veins creeping up on your legs or face then you could be dealing with spider veins. Despite the fact that spider veins are often smaller than varicose veins, it can still be unsightly and cause people to cover or hide their appearance. If you are dealing with this issue then it’s time to consider laser therapy to get rid of these embarrassing veins.

There are many reasons why someone might develop spider veins. From hormonal fluctuations (e.g. menopause) and heredity to obesity and certain occupations that require you to stand for long periods of time, there are many factors that can increase your chances of developing spider veins. According to WebMD, anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of adults have spider veins

While lasers have been used safely for many years in the field of dermatology it has become a more and more popular and easier way to improve the appearance of your skin. During your spider vein treatment, the laser is directed over the area or areas you want to treat. The handheld laser uses certain wavelengths to heat up the vein and destroy it without affecting the health of your skin. Over the course of a few weeks after your laser therapy, your body will reabsorb these spider veins and you’ll be left with healthy, spider vein-free skin.

Laser treatment is a fast procedure, only taking about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The procedure is painless and won’t require anesthesia, but those who are more sensitive may require topical anesthesia prior to this treatment. During this procedure, you may feel a minor tingling but it shouldn’t cause you any discomfort. After this treatment, your skin may be red or slightly raised for a few hours afterwards, but these side effects are minor.

To find out if you are an ideal candidate for spider vein laser therapy you will want to come in for a proper evaluation. While spider veins don’t typically cause painful symptoms like varicose veins do, laser therapy may be the best way to treat these veins and smaller varicose veins and improve the appearance of your skin.

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