"It is just unbelievable" "Absolutely unbelievable" "It's simply amazing"- Patient C, P

"It's just wonderful.  Don't have to cake on make up any more and I'm just thrilled"- Patient G, C

"It's just amazing! The difference is just amazing” “You change people's lives"- Patient G, E

"You did a great job" "wow what a difference!"- Patient W, G

"I'm very happy" "I tell people about you"- Patient H, M

"Really looks great, and I have no makeup on my face"- Patient D, X

"It's just amazing"- Patient B, L

"It truly is a great treatment"- Patient R, B

"Lordy, what a big difference!" superb results- Patient B, S

"wow just unbelievable" "amazing in comparison to what I went through before"- Patient E, S

"superb results" "now I want to do my leg veins"- Patient R, A

"wow!" "It's just unbelievable!"- Patient P, D

"It's just fantastic-much better than I could even have imagined it could get!"- Patient S, B

"Oh my god- really great" "I'm thrilled"- Patient T, C

Redness gone in three hours. It was great!- Patient S, M

"what a difference" It is like night and day"- Patient D, D

95% gone with one treatment- Patient W, S

"It's simply amazing" "wow"- Patient L, C

"Oh my god. It's unbelievable!" "It's like magic!"-Patient P, P

"Wow. I thought it was going to be great but this is fantastic." "simply awesome"- Patient L, M

"Wow! That's just awesome"- Patient M, J

"wow. What a difference! Everybody at work is like (wow- oh my god)" "It's pretty amazing"- Patient B, S

"Just absolutely amazing!" "Just Amazing"- Patient M, J

"wow. It's phenomenal"- Patient B, S

"Wow, the difference is amazing"- Patient C, B

"Wow!" "what a difference!"- Patient E, C

"results were astounding"- Patient H, J

"wow. Incredible difference" "I feel so much better"- Patient N, E

"really great. Even my wife commented on how good it looks"- Patient S, A

"You're right, very addictive" "I want more"- Patient W, B

"Simply amazing!"- Patient W, B

"Wow what an improvement"- Patient B, G

"Just amazing The difference!"- Patient C, C

"I'm just amazed"- Patient D, N

"You did a great job"- Patient F, J

"just stunning results!" "Really amazing"- Patient G, E

"what a remarkable difference" "did really great" "I'm thrilled with the results"- Patient H, V

"Great"- Patient C, R

"Dr. Nemeth did a fantastic job"- Patient B, F

"wow this is really great!" "this is wonderful"- Patient N, J

"wow it just looks great"- Patient M, B

"I'm amazed"- Patient K , L

"It's truly amazing!" "wow"- Patient H, P

"this is incredible"- Patient L, M

"just great"- Patient B, M

"wow!" "Best results I've ever had!"- Patient M, F

"wow!" "It's unbelievable"- Patient M, C

"superb as usual"- Patient C, R

"face came out great, I was thrilled"- Patient D, J

"all still gone"- Patient O, C

"cheeks still great"- Patient K, S

"I'm very happy with it"- Patient S, A

"you did a great job"- Patient M

“Immensely pleased”- Patient B, L

"It's still great"- Patient G, C

"you've done a great job!  There's no doubt about it.  I'm impressed!"- Patient C, C

"I use a magnifying mirror and I look beautiful"- Patient P, P

"what Dr. Nemeth did last time was dramatic"- Patient W, R

"Hardly have anything"- Patient P, K

"very pleased"- Patient A, R

"great" "You told me it was addictive and boy it is"- Patient C, N

"I'm very happy with the results"- Patient B, D

"legs just so much better"- Patient C, L

"It's like watching a magic wand in action.  Absolutely amazing!"- Patient N, B

"Very very pleased with what you've done"- Patient D, B

"Just spectacular"- Patient W, A

"so much better than the injection method, so much less painful"- Patient V, L

"marvelous results"- Patient D, P

"I was very pleased"- Patient L, J

"Really liked the laser treatment- helped a lot"- Patient Z, H

"It's still looking great"- Patient P, P

"It does get addictive!"- Patient F, G

"I'm thrilled"- Patient D, J

"both did great"- Patient S, A

"that is just amazing"- Patient B, A

"Dr. Nemeth did a beautiful job"- Patient G, L

"very pleased"-Patient C, P

"It's amazing!"- Patient C, C

"much improved"- Patient R, J

"So pleased"- Patient B, L

"Still wonderful results"- Patient C, L

"It's great" "I never believed it could have been like this"- Patient D, E

"Thank you so much. It's just awesome!"- Patient G, F

"Just fantastic!" "look 15 years younger too"- Patient H, V

"It's a miracle!" "It's amazing" "I'm so happy"- Patient K, R

"Those treatments changed my life, they really did!" “Wow!"- Patient M, J

"Oh my god! I'm so glad I found you!" - Patient K, T

"It's just great" "This is the best money I've ever spent"- Patient C, S

"It's just remarkable!"- Patient M, P

"For the first time in my life I can go out without make up now"- Patient S, W

"Results are Unbelievable!" "I look like a different person."- Patient M, J

"Just great. The results are really fantastic!"- Patient T, N

"I'm so happy" "Doing really well" "My mother had tears when she saw how well it did"- Patient O, K

"Completely went away"- Patient B, J

"Difference is just amazing!"- Patient P, A

"Isn't it lovely" "Most beautiful result I've ever seen!"- Patient C, J

"I'm very pleased" "It's been well worth the trips over here" "Nose hasn't looked better since I was 29"- Patient S, E

"The improvement is so great my friends now ask, which side was it on"- Patient G, C

"Absolutely outstanding"- Patient T, J

"It's unbelievable" "going to stand on US 19 and tell the whole world about you!"- Patient W, C

"I'm like a new person. I'm so so satisfied with it!" "It's just amazing"- Patient W, B

"It's just absolutely great!" "It healed up in a single treatment" "She doesn't cry when she goes in her diaper anymore"- Patient W, S

"It's amazing"- Patient Y, W

"Practically gone!"- Patient B, M

"Just fantastic!" "Remarkable clearing" "Whole family is impressed"- Patient B, B

"It's just amazing"- Patient B, J

"I'm so excited. It's just great"- Patient C, J

"Almost gone!"- Patient D, E

"It's unbelievable" "I'm amazed" "I'm very pleased"- Patient H, D

"This is the first summer ever that I can go to the swimming pool and not feel self conscious"- Patient M, C

"Wow! It's wonderful. I can't thank you enough” “Unbelievable"- Patient K, C

"It's great" "To be able to go out in public is liberating"- Patient L, M

"The difference is amazing. They were so welty before"- Patient P, J

"I'm very happy! It's amazing!"- Patient R, P

"It's really been spectacular results! It really has"- Patient S, S

"Nothing there anymore-the treatment was so perfect" "I'm so happy -I feel so good"- Patient Z, J

"It's just astounding" "My eye doctor couldn't believe it either"- Patient W, B

"It's phenomenal"- Patient G, F

"Awesome" "Stunning" "Really happy with it'- Patient H, A

"I'm completely free of pain for the first time in 10 months" "So grateful to you"- Patient J, C

"I'm so pleased! The combination of medicine you've given me plus the lasering have done the trick!"- Patient M, J

"Just outstanding" "So much better" "Don't even wear any makeup"- Patient N, S

"It's Great!"- Patient F, C

"Really been great results" "I tell everybody"- Patient R, L

"Noticed a big difference" "Can already see clear skin"- Patient V, J

"It's amazing the difference to how thick it was!"- Patient B, M

"I'm so happy with the results!"- Patient E, C

"Just great" "Awesome" "It's just wonderful! I can't believe how much it shrunk!" - Patient Y, W

"wow it really did great" "what a difference"- Patient F, G

“what a remarkable difference” "did really great" "I'm thrilled with the results"- Patient H, V

"results are simply amazing"-Patient K, R

"Since the treatments started I haven't had any bleeding episodes"- Patient H, W

"It's amazing"- Patient M, M

"Definitely a major difference!"- Patient P, S

"Looks fabulous"- Patient B, B

"Lookin great!" "I never imagined the scars on the right arm would get so flat"- Patient W, R

"I'm doing great thanks to you!"- Patient Z, J

"It's just fantastic! I'm so pleased with it"- Patient W, B

"Outstanding"- Patient M, J

"Amazing!" "wonderful"- Patient K, C

"Every time its less and less"- Patient N, B

"just really amazing how well it's done!- Patient W, B

"I am very very very pleased with the progress"- Patient K, C

"New laser is greater!" - Patient M, C

"We're in the home stretch" "It's awesome, it really is"- Patient B, M

"I can't believe this" "I'm so happy"- Patient D, E

"It was truly amazing"- Patient B, J

"Looks better and feels better" "Actually beginning to feel like normal skin"- Patient S, B

"What a wonderful difference- no pain at all- nothing like that yag laser that hurt like hell"- Patient O, J

"Great result" "It's almost gone"- Patient R, K

"So nice not to have to put make up on my neck anymore"- Patient T, P

"It looks great!" - Patient G, F

"really improved a lot" "You really do a great job" "It's so much better"- Patient J, C

"wow. It's great"- Patient H, C

"Dramatic Difference"- Patient W, B

"I'm so happy! I can touch my face without pain"- Patient Z, J

"Success!"- Patient G, J

"So much better" "Just flattened it right out"- Patient K, R

"You did a great job!"- Patient F, J

"I'm thrilled"- Patient H, S

"I'm very very happy with the results"- Patient R, P

"Very pleased"- Patient W, G

"I'm very very happy with the treatment"- Patient T, N

"Results are just amazing"- Patient E, C

"It's great"- Patient B, B

"you did a great job"- Patient H, D

"This is really super what you've done for my lip"- Patient W, C

"this has been fantastic!" - Patient W, B

"It's amazing"- Patient M, P

"I'm much happier. I don't have to wear makeup!"-Patient N, S

"It's wonderful"- Patient K, C

"It looks great!" "Everybody has complemented me"- Patient S, E

"It's great"- Patient W, T

"Looking wonderful"- Patient S, W

"It's improved tremendously" "I'm just so pleased"- Patient T, D

"It looks awesome"- Patient G, F

"Face did great"- Patient B, M

"In laws, everybody says it looks great"- Patient B, R

"I am so pleased"- Patient D, M

"some areas you can already see to normal skin"- Patient W, B

"It's awesome! I'm very pleased" "very pleased"- Patient W, B

"It's amazing!" "All my friends comment on how great it looks already"- Patient K, C

"I am pretty amazed"- Patient M, M

"I am real real happy with the results" "It's alreaady been an incredible improvement"- Patient L, M

"It all went fine" "I was amazed"- Patient O, S

"It's a great great improvement"- Patient T, D

"I'm very satisfied"- Patient T, N

"So much so soft now. I can actually turn my body without pain! I so appreciate it!"- Patient P, C

"look and feel a heck of a lot better!" "Dramatic flattening"- Patient G, C

"Incredible, yeah it is"- Patient H, J

"Has never looked better"- Patient B, J

"Port Wine Stain almost not seen at all"- Patient C, P

"It''s great" "It's really breaking up"- Patient B, B

"Doing great" - Patient W, R

"You did such a great job"- Patient L, M

"Times when you don't even see the forehead anymore"- Patient G, L

"I've got a normal nose again"- Patient M, F

"We're making excellent progress" "People who don't see me very often say how light it is gotten"- Patient B, C

"I'm very pleased" "really good"- Patient Y, W

"Can't believe it. It was like nothing!"- Patient L, J

"I think it looks great" "Real happy with it"- Patient H, C

"Really proud with it"- Patient K, T

"My face looks fantastic!" "It's fantastic!"- Patient S, L

"Best money I've spent!" "I was amazed!"- Patient F, R

"It's amazing and my husband is amazed too"- Patient M, K

"I'm just thrilled with the results! I'm referring all my friends here!"- Patient C, P

"Best treatment I've ever had over the 15 years I've had PCOS! Better than electrolysis, waxing, you name it!"- Patient B, C

"Nothing there to treat!" "It's just gone!"- Patient G, T

"Wow! I'm really impressed!"- Patient W, B

"Can I tell you how amazing this is!" "I would do just like my whole body" "I'm just amazed"- Patient W, M

"I tell everyone I meet laser is the best for facial hair removal!"- Patient P, P

"With either one, A single treatment did better than all the five with that Yag laser I had done elsewhere combined!!"- Patient M, J

"It's like a baby's bottom smooth, really nice"- Patient C, N

"The results were great!"- Patient J, S

"I'm thrilled with the treatment!"- Patient E, L

"So much more comfortable than previous treatments"- Patient H, G

"I've just loved it!" "Results have been fabulous!"- Patient W, J

"I'm amazed & pleased"- Patient W, M

"I'm really impressed!" "Happy to say the least"- Patient H, M

"I think I have like one hair left -and its gray!"- Patient R, M

"It works!" "I'm a believer!"- Patient B, P

"Very happy."- Patient K, S

"Fantastic! Couldn't be happier!” - Patient R, J

"I'm really pleased!" "I feel like a human being now and not a monkey or gorilla." "That new laser is great!!  No pain & more effective!"- Patient W, A

"I'm so happy; it's a big difference; even my husband noticed!" - Patient M, L

"Remarkable results"- Patient W, J

"You've done a great job"- Patient S, C

"Most dynamic result yet"- Patient T, K

"I didn't feel a thing. Not one thing! It's awesome!"- Patient S, K

"It really is amazing!"- Patient S, D

"Hair loss amazing after only one treatment”- Patient C, C

"I'm very happy!"- Patient S, S

"It's a fabulous thing!"- Patient V, D

"Very impressed with results!"- Patient C, D

"It's great"; "I love it!"- Patient M, W

"Have to tell you, the new laser really is good"- Patient L, M

"It worked wonders"- Patient K, M

"Surgeon was very impressed with the results."- Patient C, K

"It's just so much less" " I'm flabbergasted! - I just feel I don't have a hair problem anymore!"- Patient M, E

"I'm so amazed!" “I'm so happy! It's fabulous!"- Patient M, A

"I am just so pleased"- Patient B, I

"Big difference"- Patient D, M

"It was great!"- Patient G, S

"Very Happy" "Can't wait for the next treatment"- Patient B, J

"What the other people took 4 treatments to do you did with only one"- Patient C, A

"It's gone"- Patient G, B

"It's unbelievable!" "Really really pleased" "So pleased, especially how the color came out"- Patient L, L

"The results are absolutely wonderful- I'm so pleased!" "You did more in one treatment then the previous three combined I had done elsewhere"- Patient H, S

"Really remarkable"- Patient M, K

"Lookin great" "It smoothed right out"- Patient B, R

"Really did excellently"- Patient C, M

"No one would ever know it was there"- Patient K, D

"It's amazing"- Patient M, G

"Red did real well"- Patient B, A

"You did more- much more in one treatment than the other ones combined"- Patient M, K

"Simply amazing!"- Patient P, J

"Friends amazed at how much gone after one Rx"- Patient R, L

"You did more in one treatment then all of the past 8 put together"- Patient S, S

"Looks super"- Patient P, S

"I'm so happy. Great response!"- Patient M, M

"You really did a great job" "You've done the most with it!"- Patient S, S

"Its' amazing" "I can't thank you enough" "You did a wonderful job"- Patient T, K

"Got ink out" "If I would have had it (erbium) earlier could have saved myself 6 useless treatments at the other medical clinic"- Patient Z, K

"It's 100% better!"- Patient B, R

"It's fantastic.  It's amazing"- Patient W, N

"Looks great" "I've seen some other people getting tattoos removed.” “Look horrible in comparison to the work you did on me" "I even like how its not scarring" "That's really great compared to other's I've seen"- Patient J, C

"Really did good"- Patient B, P

"Tattoo is gone!"- Patient W, E

"You're doing an absolutely fantastic job!"- Patient P, J

"You've done a so much better job for the charge”- Patient G, C

"I was really amazed with that treatment"- Patient P, J

"Tattoo did great"- Patient F, S

"What a difference"- Patient B, R

"Some look so good like they're only going to need one treatment"- Patient D, A

"Healed beautifully"- Patient P, J

"Lip looks great" "It was like having a whole new face!" "It was awesome"- Patient W, N

"Dramatic clearing after only one Rx" "Even scarred area looks better"- Patient M, M

"It's fantastic"- Patient K, D

"That's just fantastic"- Patient G, J

"Absolutely amazed"- Patient S, S

"They're looking good"- Patient G, J

"Wow what a difference" "Your work is so much more careful than that other lady’s"- Patient J, A

"I was amazed how much was gone in a single treatment!"- Patient J, N

"I'm real impressed by how much went away with only one treatment"- Patient K, J

"Its' really so much better" "I knew it would work"- Patient L, L

"Its just fantastic"- Patient H, D

"I was amazed! Pretty much all the color came out in a single treatment"- Patient B, B

"Slowly fading and lookin good"- Patient P, J

"Amazed at the fading"- Patient R, L

"Wow!" "Forget what they used to look like" (shown befores)- Patient S, L

"You’ve done such a great job"- Patient D, A

"So pleased" "If only I would have started my tattoo treatment here" "Best treatment I ever had"- Patient H, K

Fantastic Experience

To Dr. Nemeth and his wonderful staff

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all that you've done for these past few months.  I'm a Physician in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and have wanted to improve my complexion and add some youth to my already fairly youthful appearance.  Consulting with several Dermatologists/friends, all said Dr. Nemeth is the man they would go to.  What a wonderful experience it's been.  The clinic is centrally located, the staff have become like family over the past few months in a similar that I run my own practice - and it's so hard to find!!  After my initial consultation, I knew exactly what could be done to improve my looks and just completed rejuvenation therapy.  I have to say I look fantastic.  A new patient the other day said "you have such a beautiful complexion" and she was right.  I'm my own worst critic but the mirror doesn't lie.  I've easily taken 10 years off my appearance and both friends and co-workers have said as much.  What a wonderful present to myself.  I'm still amazed that I found a world class laser specialist right in my own back yard.  I tell everyone who wants to know why I look so good that it's because of Dr. Nemeth.  I plan to return yearly for maintenance rejuvenation therapy.  I had thought prior to starting the program that I would get a minor facelift after the procedures but I absolutely don't need them.  And the best part is that I look fresh and youthful but without the scars and plasticity of cosmetic surgery.  I cannot recommend this wonderful man enough - it has been a pure delight.  The procedures don't hurt and the recovery of minor sunburn and peel takes just 4 days for me - amazing because I'm so fair complected.  This has been the single best thing I've done or will do to enhance my appearance.  Thank you again!!!!

Patient K, R M.D.